Upgrade or Switch to PureBoot

If you need to upgrade your PureBoot version or switch from Coreboot, this guide will walk you through the process using a Librem 14.


Upgrading Pureboot

For those running an older version of PureBoot:

  • Download the new PureBoot ROM from our release repository for your corresponding hardware.

  • Copy that to a USB thumb drive and attach it to your Librem device.

  • Power on your Librem and head into the PureBoot settings by pressing the escape key.

  • Head to Options -> Flash or update the BIOS -> Flash the firmware with a new ROM and retain BIOS settings.

  • Next, select your USB device, then select the ROM file.

  • Select yes to proceed.

  • Your BIOS will update and your computer will reboot once done.

Moving from Coreboot to Pureboot

If you’re currently running coreboot, you can use this utility to flash the firmware. To use it open a terminal and run these commands.

mkdir ~/updates
cd ~/updates
wget https://source.puri.sm/coreboot/utility/raw/master/coreboot_util.sh -O coreboot_util.sh
sudo bash ./coreboot_util.sh
  • Enter your root password then enter a 1 to select Update firmware using pre-built image

  • The script will prompt you for your device model; enter your device’s corresponding number.

  • Next, select PureBoot as the firmware to be flashed.

  • If asked to update the serial number, the default option to extract is fine.

  • Once flashed you’ll need to attach your Librem key, reboot, and follow the setup guide.