Status Line

The status line at the top of the screen contains indicators and icons showing the status of various phone features.

The following sections cover the icons related to each function and provide links to the relevant chapters in this guide.


The status line contains the current time in the center, separating indicators for connectivity on the left from other indicators on the right.

The status line at the top of the screen

In the above image, the line shows indicators for the cellular signal strength, wireless connection, and general networking status. On the right, the only indicator is the battery level.

Cellular Network

Cellular networks are used for voice communication and data connections to the Internet.

The strength of the cellular network signal is indicated by these icons that provide a simple overview.

cell-none cell-weak cell-ok cell-good cell-excellent
No signal Weak OK Good Excellent

Another icon that may appear indicates a disabled connection.

cell-dis Cellular networking is configured but disabled.

The type of cellular network in use is presented as a simple label alongside the signal strength. Most users will see 2G, 3G or 4G.

The status line showing a 3G cellular network in use

Other variations, such as 2.5G, may also occur.

Wireless Network

Wireless networks are used for data connections to the Internet.

When connected to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network, the signal strength is indicated by one of these icons.

wlan-none wlan-weak wlan-ok wlan-good wlan-excellent
No signal Weak OK Good Excellent

At other times, the wireless indicator shows the status of the connection to a wireless network.

wlan-offline Wireless networking is offline.
wlan-acquire The phone is acquiring a connection to a wireless network.
wlan-connect The phone is connected to a wireless network.
This icon is usually replaced very quickly by one showing the signal strength.
wlan-dis Wireless (Wi-Fi) networking is configured but disabled.|br| See Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) for instructions on how to enable it.


Alongside the cellular and wireless indicators is an indicator showing the general status of networking. The icons that appear can be used to diagnose problems with connections to the Internet, either via a cellular data connection or a wireless connection.

network-txrx Networking is functioning. Traffic is sent and received normally.
network-offline Networking is offline. Neither cellular nor wireless networking are available.
network-no-route Networking is enabled but traffic cannot be routed.

Battery Level

At the right edge of the display, the battery indicator shows the level of charge held by the phone’s battery. It also shows whether the battery is being charged, indicating this with a spark symbol in the bottom-right corner of the icon.

battery-empty charging-empty The battery is nearly empty.
battery-low charging-low The battery level is low.
battery-full charging-full The battery is fully charged.

Other icons may be shown in the exceptional case where the phone is powered without a battery.