Librem Tunnel


You first need to activate your tunnel, so if you haven’t do so, go to, log in and activate the tunnel service.

Start the Librem Tunnel app and tap the rocket icon to create a new profile:

Librem Tunnel 1

Tap the checkmark icon to add your profile:

Librem Tunnel 2

Your profile is created:

Librem Tunnel 3

Tap the newly added profile to activate it. Android will warn you about adding new VPN connection, approve it:

Librem Tunnel 4

Enter your login info and tap OK button:

Librem Tunnel 5

Wait until it is connected:

Librem Tunnel 6

and when you see Initialization Sequence Completed, tap the arrow to return back to previous screen:

Librem Tunnel 7

Tapping on the same profile again enables you to re-connect or disconnect from the VPN:

Librem Tunnel 8

You can skip showing the log, go to Settings and uncheck option Show log window:

Librem Tunnel 9

See also

Head on to Librem Tunnel manual to see other available settings.