Hot Spot and Tethering

With PureOS on the Librem 5 phone, setting up a hotspot is simple. Head into Wi-Fi settings and enable Hotspot.

SettingsWi-FiTop Right MenuTurn On Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Dedicated 4G Access Point Setup

UPDATE: changed from terminal commands to network GUI steps. To set up a dedicated 4G access point, attach an Ethernet device to your Librem 5 and enable Shared to other computers for your network device. Attach an Ethernet device to your Librem 5 and set up a Static IP. SettingsNetworkEthernet SettingsIPv4Shared to other computers


Final Words on Tethering

Most cell providers charge extra for tethering, but on the Librem 5 with its modular modem, data is data, and tethering is just data. When bundled with Purism’s Librem AweSIM unlimited data service, you can protect your personal identity and have unlimited data, including tethering. No need to pay extra for how you use your data.