Librem Chat

Install and start Librem Chat, enter your login credentials:

Librem Chat 1

When logged-in, tap the + button:

Librem Chat 2

to start a chat:

Librem Chat 3

If you don’t allow Librem Chat to access your address book, you won’t see any contacts, so let’s assume that and tap Invite by ID:

Librem Chat 4

Type the handle/email/ID of your friend:

Librem Chat 5

If discovered, it will be autocompleted:

Librem Chat 6

Tap INVITE when ready:

Librem Chat 7

…tap the checkmark to invite your friend to chat:

Librem Chat 8

Here’s how a chat windows looks like:

Librem Chat 9

Write something, you will notice there is no indication of encrypted chat. So let’s enable the encryption, tap the menu button:

Librem Chat 10

…and tap on Room Details:

Librem Chat 11

Go to SETTINGS tab and scroll down til you see the encryption option, and turn it on:

Librem Chat 12

Tap the arrow (circled in green) to return back to chat once done. When you write something and send it is likely that you will get something like shown below:

Librem Chat 13

You must verify each of the device displayed by tapping the VERIFY and following the instructions shown:

Librem Chat 14

(or if you are certain you are talking to the right person simply tap VERIFY). Tap OK when you are done:

Librem Chat 15

…and have that message resent:

Librem Chat 16

And that’s all, we have an encrypted chat with our friend Thandi:

Librem Chat 17

Tap the arrow to return to start screen. We see only one chat so far (blue circle), but we can repeat tapping the + icon again (green circle). But let’s try joining some chatrooms first. Tap the hashtag icon:

Librem Chat 18

…to list rooms. You can change room directory (blue circle) to select another domain. Let’s join Support room on the domain, just tap the room:

Librem Chat 19

You will see a preview of the room:

Librem Chat 20

Tap the join button to join. Tap the arrow to return. When in start screen, you can also use the menu button (three vertical dots) to do a search for public rooms or users. Tap the app menu button (three vertical lines):

Librem Chat 21

…to see the Librem Chat menu:

Librem Chat 22

…from where you can access Settings. Look at Librem Chat manuals to learn more about its settings and fine tunnning options. If you wish to simply exit the app, use the Exit button. If you Sign out you will lose encryption keys for the existing encrypted chatrooms and you won’t be able to read encrypted conversations when you log in again. Head over to Librem Chat manuals to learn about how to export your encryption keys.

See also

Head on to Librem Chat manual to see how to edit your profile and fine-tune the app.