When the phone’s system software or applications need to inform you about something, they will send notifications in the form of pop-up messages. You can configure how these will be presented to you, and optionally use sounds and the phone indicator lights to alert you to their presence.

The sections below should help you manage and customize notifications to meet your needs.

Pop-up Messages

When an application or system service sends a notification, it will initially appear as a pop-up window at the top of the screen. It will remain there for a few seconds then disappear. If you tap the notification when it appears, you will be taken to the application that sent it.

A pop-up notification showing that a timer countdown has finished

If you missed the notification then it will be stored until you can respond to it, or until you switch to the application that sent it.

Missed Notifications

If you miss a notification it will be displayed below the settings panel when it is opened.

A missed notification for Clocks displayed below the settings panel

Tap on a missed notification to switch to the application that sent it.


Notifications are configured in the Settings application in the Notifications page.

The Notifications page, allowing customization for individual applications The Power notifications page

Notifications can be configured to be delivered in a different way for each application. Except for urgent notifications, they can also be disabled for all applications and services.