Replace the Librem 5 ScreenΒΆ

  1. Disassemble the phone and remove the sticker. It may be helpful to use a hairdryer or heat gun on low heat to loosen the adhesive.

Disassemble the phone
  1. Identify the hole where the display cable enters.

Identify the hole
  1. Align a small blunt tool that fits in the hole.

    1. After heating up the chassis with a hot plate, press it down on the blunt tool. Warning: The screen may crack; use heat resistant cloth or gloves.

Press down on the tool
  1. Prepare the screen by removing the blue stickers.

Remove the sticker
  1. Remove the white backing on glue.

Remove the glue
  1. Align the screen display cable with the hole in the chassis.

Align the cable
  1. Press the screen into the chassis.

Press the screen
  1. Use a clamp or place a flat, heavy object (such as a large book) on the device overnight.

Place heavy objects
  1. If there is glue seeping out at the edge, it can be scraped off with a plastic tool.

Scrap off glue with a plastic tool